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Daily Schedule and Annual Events

Daily Schedule

2019 Time Schedule

Infants(2-3yr-old) K1 K2 K3
8:30-9:00 Free Play
9:00-10:00 Free Play/Supplementary Lessons
10:10-10:20 Circle Time
10:20-10:35 Snack
10:40-11:30 IQ play JAPEC/IQ play English English
11:35-12:25 English English EIKEN EIKEN
12:30-13:10 Lunch
13:10-14:10 Afternoon Activity (Crafts, Soccer, Going to the park, Soccer)
14:15-14:25 Circle Time

* We also have Calligraphy (SHUJI), Dance and Soccer (K2/K3) classes. Each class is held twice a month.

Annual Events

Seasonal Events

January Oshogatsu(New Year)
February Setsubun, Valentines Day
March Hinamatsuri, St.Patricks Day
April Easter Festival
Spring Spring Excursion
May Mother’s Day, Tango no sekku(Children’s Day)
June Father’s Day
May to July Athletic Meet, Tanabata
Fall Excursion
October Halloween, Fall Excursion
November English Presentation(timing may change)
December Christmas

* We have a birthday party each month.
* Parents may also attend the birthday party.