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Our Philosophy


Our classes and activities are completely in English in order to build solid and well-rounded English proficiency.

We nurture kindness and respect for others through our play and interactions.

We make the most of the early learning years through age-appropriate activities and classes.

We cultivate students’ creativity and imagination through interactive activities. These include reading, calligraphy, crafts, seasonal events, and birthday parties.

Our dance and soccer classes help to build coordination and a strong body as well as a team spirit. We provide physical education that's suitable for each stage of development.

Learning Goals

Infants (Age 18months~3)

We build the foundation of English reading and writing through songs, puzzles, and games. Students will be able to recognize the capital letters of the English alphabet. We also use toys and flashcards to build vocabulary.

K1 (Age 3~4)

We teach basic phonics enabling students to read 3-letter words and short English sentences. We build vocabulary through reading and games. We also practice writing the capital and lower letter case letters. Students will take the JAPEC Child EIKEN Level 5.

K2 (Age 4~5)

Students will be able to read simple picture books on their own. We also teach basic composition through word puzzles, grammar lessons, and writing exercises. We encourage students to express their thoughts in English. Children will take EIKEN Level 5.

K3(Age 5~6)

We continue learning new vocabulary through reading and solving EIKEN quizzes. Children learn to put their emotions and thoughts into sentences in English. We also begin teaching verb inflection and auxiliary verbs. Children will take EIKEN Levels 4 and 3.