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Frequently Asked Questions

Are AEN students eligible to receive government subsidies for childcare fees even though AEN is a non-authorized nursery?

We qualify for subsidies as a non-authorized childcare facility. We are currently preparing for the launch on October 1st, 2019 in cooperation with Kashiwa City.

How old does my child need to be begin classes?

Applicants must be at a least 18 months old to begin classes at AEN, but we accept applications at any age.

Is it okay if parents can’t speak English?

Of course! The majority of AEN parents say they can’t speak English.

Should we make our child use English at home?

It is entirely up your family’s guidelines. However, we only use English at AEN, so it might be best to speak Japanese at home.

Are notes or messages from AEN written in English?

All notes and messages are in Japanese.

Are there any events in the school year where parents are required to help out?

We do occasionally ask for support from the parents of the Infant Class for events like our excursions, etc.

Does AEN offer school lunch? What about allergies?

Students can bring their own lunch or order from AEN’s contracted lunch provider. Our lunch provider also offers allergy-free options.

Is it possible to substitute childcare days?

Substitute childcare days are available up to 9 days per school year. Children attending the nursery 5 days per week are eligible for a nursing fee deduction for days missed.

Is there a school bus?

We have a school bus! Please enquire regarding the bus schedule and routes.

Is there parking?

We have 6 parking spaces nearby.

Is there a playground?

Our nursery grounds are 350 square meters in area and include a lovely playground and vegetable garden. We also visit the nearby park.

Is the facility safe?

Our building is a renovated house, and it has passed earthquake inspections.