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Facility Outline

731-1 Ooi, Kashiwa City, Chiba Pref, 277-0902


Public Transportation

Tobu Bus: Kashiwa Station East Exit: route Kashiwa 22,25,27,31,35,45
Nearest bus stop: When arriving, get off at Ookido, when leaving, get on at Enokidai.

By car

If you are coming by car, please check the notes about parking below.
If you are coming by foot or by bicycle, you may enter the nursery through the front white gate.

About parking

For parking, please use Ootsugaoka Daiichi Parking outside of nursery.
Ootsugaoka Daiichi Parking Location: 1-1-2 Ootsukaoka, Kashiwa
Allowed parking spaces are No.2,3,7,10,24 and 31.
After parking, you may take stairs next to parking space 47, which leads to our nursery.