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UPDATE 2019 APR: Acceptable age of child at nursery has changed to 18months-old.




Alexander English Nursery

At Alexander English Nursery, students play a lot and study a lot. We cannot replace you as parents, but we do our best to care for your child in a happy and nurturing environment. Although our ideal is high and we know it is not easy to realize it all, our daily endeavor is toward this ideal.

Alexander McAvoy

Amazing English!

Parents who come to visit our nursery are impressed by our students’ English reading, writing, and speaking proficiency. The passing rate for EIKEN 3 in our K3 class is 71% as of 2017.

No Japanese spoken!

Except for our Japanese calligraphy classes (twice a month), we only use English at our nursery. Of course, all of the kids’ conversations are in English as well.

We support working mothers!

Our school bus service gives you the option of receiving nursing care for your child from the moment we pick them up. The nursery is open for 47 of each day of the week per year—8 1/2 hours per day.


Our students progressively learn how to speak, read, and write English as they grow—with our aim being for them to be able to express themselves fully English.


Students are taught jazz dance in English twice a month, performing what they have learnt at our yearly events including our English performance and graduation ceremony.


This is the only time students use Japanese. They start with pencils and later move on to learning with brushes.


Students receive soccer coaching at the nearby Coerver Coaching Soccer School twice a month.


We grow vegetables, like tomatoes and potatoes, in the nursery’s vegetable patch. Students will experience the cycle of nature through planting, nurturing, and harvesting these vegetables.

IQ Play

We use puzzles and tangrams to help develop student’s IQ.


Creativity is hard work. Students use all five senses while building foundational skills as they create cute and fun arts and crafts.


We practice numbers using abacas. Students easily learn to count up to 100 in English.

Learning that builds the whole person

We build a foundation for kids to grow to be kind and generous individuals who can stand strong in a global society.

Small Classes

Our small classes are designed for more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication.<br /> Infants Capacity: 8 per day. K1, K2, K3 Capacity: 10 per day.

Nursery Playground

Our playground is a teaching platform for physical growth, interaction, and well-rounded development. Students also love to play in our garden and the nearby park.

Homeroom Teachers

Each class has a homeroom teacher and a lesson teacher. In this way, we are able to closely monitor student’s health, educational progress, and general development.


“Children are better grown up in the country,” says our principal. Located in the Shonan area of Kashiwa City, our nursery is surrounded by farms, forests, and a lake, the ideal location for children to play and learn.

Health and Hygiene Management

We work to instill basic hygiene habits such as washing hands and gargling. For infants, we work with guardians toward toilet training goals. For emergency situations such as sickness or injury, we are affiliated with a nearby hospital. We also pay close attention to disease prevention with alcohol sterilization, humidity control, and use tablecloths for snack time and lunch time.


Birthday, Halloween, Christmas—so many fun events are held at our nursery every year. At our annual English presentation, students not only share their progress in speech but in singing and dancing too.

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